Untitled Rambling: 3007


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Burnt edges deceive

Hiding delicious secrets

Under dripping butter

Well done toast, well done



Untitled Rambling: 320


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Words strut across my mind

Linguistic trollops on parade

Mine to have

Whatever I crave

Sesquipedalian turns of phrase

Simple sentences

Abstract precisions

Words that mend

Words that slice

Stitched together

In Literary visions

With ink and blood

Graphite and tears

Elucidate fears

Which ones to choose

Words of redemption

Words of penance

So many words

Dance in my brain

An endless string

Alphabetic refrain

Untitled Rambling: 0922


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Hugging the Pacific

You can catch a glimpse

Of roads I’ve traveled

In the sway of my hips

In the way my steps

Don’t quite match

My scars map past destinations

Where only I can travel

In faded paper memories

A fleshly carriage

 Showing the damage

Of life lived, life given

Tattoos dot the terrain

Anchors and landmarks

Of my own choosing

Key reminders

I have miles yet to go

Hugging the curves

Down this twisted

Mortal road