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Overnight-Shift Selfie aka … “It’s cold up here”.

My night just begun

I pull up to the house

Hijinks are a’happenin’

Fires I’m to douse

Billy’s up the monkey tree

Davy’s on the roof

Poor little Teddy

Has gone and lost a tooth

Tommy’s raining toilet paper

From the bathroom up above

While Jack gives Jim

A ‘playful’ little shove

I gather them around me

And listen to their tales

Of their wins

Of their fails

They share the minutes of the day

As I try to ease their stress away

All my darling demon boys

Full of so many surprising joys


Author’s note: I actually tried to take a picture of the TP job…but it was too dark so it didn’t work. #Ilovemyjob
Also, no real names are used for privacy and protection