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Today I am filled with gratitude and a sense of new opportunities yet to be discovered.

I have so much going on in my brain that it’s hard to organize – which makes it hard to settle my mind enough to focus on a single writing prompt or emotion to draw from: Gratitude, possibility, joy, doses of fear and… melancholy…  tossed into the mix – which one do I choose? How can I combine them? The answer is, at least for today, that I cannot.

For the first time in a long time I am seeing a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel – my journey is far from over (I hope) but, to continue the train/tunnel analogy, I feel as though I’m moving forward – from the coal car to… … the dining car, perhaps…. Yes. That’s a good spot, the dining car – a place of comfort and nourishment, where I can plot and plan how to continue the journey, how to make my way to the vintage private car where luxury and pampering await.  A place to sip fancy drinks and eat dainty sandwiches while peering over the rim of my glasses; people watching as I chew and think.

Mostly I’m just excited to be moving on to new adventures: Self-publishing, a new look, new career path I’d never thought of – but am now excited about, and a few other possibilities that are glimmering on the horizon. It feels good, a bit frightening and overwhelming, but good.

Adventure awaits, possibilities are endless, other words of inspiration written here.

Happy Friday.