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Monday for the Win

When you’re chronically ill you learn to make the most of  ‘good days’. Today didn’t start out well and by rights I should have been dead on my feet, but in spite of restless sleep, a weather system moving in and some really crappy dreams – it was a pretty great day; pain ‘do-able’ and enough energy to not feel like I was sinking in quicksand after running a  marathon. Vast improvement over the last few days.

I got in some quality friend time, tackled the first round of ‘fall cleaning’ chores and was inspired to both write something new and work on an on-going creative project. It feels good and with luck, tomorrow will be more of the same.

Why did I decide to write about this tonight? Mostly because when every day is a physical and mental crap-shoot it can be really easy to focus on the negative and not look too closely at the positive.

So, here is an array of Monday’s positives…

  1. The kid rallied and went to school in spite of still feeling crappy (Ok, that’s not my win per-se but still… a positive).
  2. Since I’m still worried over her re-occurring rumble-tummy issues I called the doctor – and he can see her this week.
  3. Tacos happened. Technically one taco and one extra spicy bean burrito, but taco-esque none-the-less.
  4. I was spontaneously told that I was appreciated – and I believed it (I’m not good at believing positive things about myself, so, win).
  5. Wrote poetry, worked on novel, and am writing this blog – that’s three rounds of personal writing, which is way more than my goal of one session of personal writing a day.
  6. Seriously, I cleaned many a thing today AND actually put away the laundry I washed.
  7. My back is killing me BUT I’m so happy with all I got done today I really don’t care so much AND I am incredibly grateful to have all my needed meds, a warm blanket, a soft rain and a hot cup of chai.

*High Five’s the Day* Good game Monday, good game. See you next week.

Did you have a good Monday? Please feel free to share your positives in the comment section. We can celebrate ‘the good’ together!