Miss RR… you had me at “Three-headed worry puppies”

The Risible Rambler

  1. I need to stop reading the news because ISIS and my hyperactive imagination are breeding little three-headed worry puppies in my brain.
  2. Since when if seven hours of sleep not enough?
  3. Since when is two hours of study time not enough?
  4. Since when is a balanced meal not enough, and why am I still hungry?
  5. Since when is stuff from the 90s (1990s) vintage?
  6. If you leave sour cream out on the counter, what’s it going to do? Go good?
  7. Why can’t I focus?
  8. Why are the weeks flying by so fast?
  9. Why does our library only have two of the five existing supplements to Twentieth-Century Short Story Explication?
  10. Thank goodness the weekend is almost here. I need some headspace to answer these questions.

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