Eloquent message that needs to be heard!



You are stripping away my wealth,

You are stripping way my pride,

You are taking away my dignity,

You are clawing away inside.


You are cutting down my trees,

You are polluting all my land,

You are taking away my resources,

You are completely out of hand.


You are destroying my landscapes,

Polluting the very air,

I may not last much longer,

You do not seem to care.


I provide so much pleasure,

For you all to gaze upon,

I feel raped and dirty,

What you are doing is wrong.


Open your eyes and look,

At the destruction and the pain,

Through greed and selfishness,

You have let me down again.


My purpose is to sustain you,

But what are you giving me,

Nothing but heartache and sorrow,

As far as the eye can see.


Please before its too late,

Don’t make things worse,

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