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Half awake

I notice the smell first

Then fuzziness around the edges

My world split in two

Two realities


The Now and the Then

Two rooms, miles apart


The scent of Sweat and Whisky

Conquering the normal odor

Of Pot and Dragon’s Blood

Candles set aflame


The split widens; Then overcoming Now

Lines no longer blurred; pounding fists

Cover my flesh, as if anew

As if I knew

My body remembers


Recognizes and refrains

From screaming out in the still darkness


My mind calls me back to safety

To ocean’s waves pounding

Through the telephone speaker


Sensing the softness of my pillow underhand

I steady my breath; slow the racing rhythm

Of my fractured heart

Fear recedes, anguish follows

I am left with guarded dreams

And restless half-sleep