Deeply moving.

Obi Abi

This is a fitting day to write about loss since its a depressing day. Today, my Aunt woke me up in a jolt saying – get ready we are evacuating. I live in Marikina, a flood prone part of the Metro. It is actually a valley and it is near a river. Double whammy right? As I groggily fix my belongings and move my important stuff upstairs I remember the flash flood four(?) years ago.

Same scenario, woke up in a jolt, was told to move my stuff upstairs and prepare to move as the water got closer to out house. It was the first time that it happened since we moved there. Everyone was hurriedly trying to fit two floors of furniture into one floor of space. There was a pause midway because the water was rising faster than expected all the lights went out and we worked…

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