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“There is no such thing as altruism” ~ my sister


There are many adages that point to the very concept my sister’s quote conveys – perhaps the most common ‘tis better to give than to receive’ – but the idea is the same. When we do something nice for someone else, be it gift or gesture, we get something out of it too. Both parties win. As I’m setting out on this vague journey of performing random acts I’m reminded of that again and again. I will give to myself as much as I am others, which I guess makes the whole journey a bit selfish. I’m okay with that. I’m not always as good at being kind to myself as I am to others – and it was this understanding that led me to my first act of my personal challenge.

Yesterday, after reading an article that discussed the benefits of sending a handwritten card via snail mail vs a digital version, I gathered up my somewhat dusty writing box, blew some memories and bits of fluff off the lid and found an old set of stationery. Keeping in mind that I wanted to shower others with kindness as they have done for me… … I used my long-forgotten stationery to write two short paragraphs to two of my dearest friends – just letting them know, in a focused way, just how much they both meant to me.

Since I have a bad habit of putting things off, I immediately sealed and stamped the letter and marched it out to the post box. It should arrive to them sometime tomorrow I would imagine, as they are only a few miles away. I find myself, now, a little happier when I think of it. The anticipation rises; I know they will be touched and that it will be a happy point in their day, which in turn makes me smile and makes my own day better. Proof positive, at least for me, that there really is no such thing as altruism. One point to you sis.